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Wellness Life Coaching is not Licensed Therapy.
Coaching takes what you have and makes it better.

  • A weekly 5-Minute read offers actionable strategies & expert advice on personal development, stress management, and more!

  • Our newsletter's topics and activities directly address these areas, fostering positive social interactions and emotional intelligence.

  • Our content can become a valuable resource for business owners and their employees. 

Next Steps: 

  1. Create a B. Reed Coaching account.

  2. For four weeks, you will receive a weekly email when your Wellness Newsletter is available in your account. 

  3. Five minute read = Lifetime of development. 

  4. At the completion of the four week trial period, please submit the EXIT FORM for your feedback.

  5. As a thank you, all submitted Trial Program participant EXIT FORM entries will receive 50% off any 52:52 Wellness Plan!

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