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 52:52 WELLNESS Pilot Exit Form
Your Feedback is Appreciated!
Wellness Life Coaching is not Licensed Therapy.
Coaching takes what you have and makes it better.
Five minute read = Lifetime of development.

To get started, let's understand your current well-being goals and how your employer's EAP is meeting your needs.
Thank you for your participation! ​
  1. Please complete the Exit questions below to assist us with the success of this program.

  2. Register for a 52:52 Wellness to continue to receive your weekly coaching. 

  3. Use coupon code: PILOTFEEDBACK for 50% off of any 52:52 Wellness membership!

Wellness Option (Check all that apply)
Overall Program Experience
Would you recommend this program to others?
Did you find the monthly topic of the newsletter relevant to your personal wellness needs?
Did you find the length and format of the newsletter to be engaging?
Did you find the frequency of the newsletter to be appropriate?

Thank you for checking in - looking forward to your  Wellness!

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