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Walking in Someone Else's Shoes: A Faith-Based Curriculum for Empathy & Understanding 


Cultivate a classroom filled with kindness and compassion with this engaging, four-week curriculum built on the foundation of faith. "Walking in Someone Else's Shoes" equips your students (ages 8-10) with the tools to develop empathy and understanding for themselves and others.


What's Included:

Weekly Subtopics (Four Included): Each week focuses on a specific aspect of empathy, with a corresponding lesson plan, activity, and teaching recap.


Teacher's Lesson Plans: Easy-to-follow, faith-based lesson plans guide you through each week's topic, incorporating scripture, age-appropriate discussions, and engaging activities.


Weekly Activities: Hands-on activities solidify learning and encourage application. Activities may include role-playing, group discussions, creative projects, and service-learning opportunities (all aligned with the weekly theme).


Teaching Recaps: Concise summaries of key learning points for each week offer a quick reference and support for teachers.



Promotes Social and Emotional Learning (SEL): Develops crucial skills like empathy, self-awareness, and relationship building.


Strengthens Faith Values: Integrates scripture and faith-based principles into social-emotional learning.


Engaging and Interactive: Activities keep students engaged and actively participating.


Teacher-Friendly: Easy-to-implement lesson plans save you valuable time.


B. Reed Coaching provides certified Personal and Professional Wellness solutions to individuals and organizations.

Empathy & Understanding: 4-Week SEL Curriculum (Faith-Based)

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