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Building Strong Connections: A Month-Long Curriculum on Developing Healthy Relationships


Are you looking to equip your students with the skills they need to thrive in their social lives? This engaging, month-long curriculum focuses on Developing Healthy Relationships – a vital aspect of teenage well-being.


This comprehensive product provides you with everything you need to guide your students through a journey of social exploration. Each week tackles a crucial subtopic:

  • Week 1: Identifying Positive and Negative Relationships: Students will learn to recognize healthy and unhealthy dynamics in friendships, romantic relationships, and family interactions.
  • Week 2: Communication Skills for Strong Relationships: Effective communication is key! Students will develop essential communication skills to build stronger connections.
  • Week 3: Setting Boundaries and Respecting Others' Boundaries: Understanding and respecting boundaries empowers students to navigate relationships with confidence.
  • Week 4: Conflict Resolution and Healthy Compromise: Conflict is inevitable, but students will learn healthy ways to resolve it and find common ground.


What makes this curriculum stand out?

  • Teacher-Friendly Lessons: Each week comes with a ready-to-use lesson plan that makes teaching social wellness a breeze.
  • Engaging Activities: Interactive activities help students apply their learning and develop essential life skills.
  • Weekly Recap Sheets: Solidify understanding with clear and concise recaps summarizing key takeaways.


B. Reed Coaching provides certified Personal and Professional Wellness solutions to individuals and organizations.

Developing Healthy Relationships: 4-Week SEL Curriculum (Faith-Based)

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