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Tips for Boosting Professional Competency and Your Career

Apr 22, 2024

Tips for Boosting Professional Competency and Your Career 


As Proverbs 22:29 tells us, "See a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men." This week, we delve into valuable tips for growing your professional skills and advancing your career, all while keeping your faith at the center of your journey. Let's explore how to honor God with excellence in the workplace! 


Professional development is essential, and sometimes required, to keep a cutting-edge advantage in your career. While some professions mandate ongoing education, everyone benefits from staying on top of their skills and knowledge base, also known as their professional competence.  


Competence includes technical, industry-specific skills as well as general skills like professionalism, ethics and integrity. Advancing your skills directly impacts your success in your career or business.  


If you aren’t certain how to boost your professional competency or are bored with the usual go-to options, here are some tips to consider- 


Tip: Mix training and education resources with some fun- Many seminars, conferences, and courses are found in fun places. Find a resource out of the area in an interesting location. Extend your stay to enjoy yourself before or after your training.    


Tip: Consider furthering your education and your options- Your career could benefit from earning a degree. Many positions require a specific level of education or completed coursework. Consider pursuing higher education to advance your career. Upper division and graduate degrees can amplify your income and retirement options.   


Tip: Go at your own pace- If your schedule or introversion doesn’t allow for in-person learning, consider purchasing self-guided coursework. Many online resources allow for signing in and out of courses with no time constraints.  


Tip: Volunteer- Leadership skills are an essential part of career development. If you don’t naturally have the opportunity to get leadership experience on the job, volunteer for leadership opportunities in your community and use them to build work experience. 


Tip: Like and Subscribe- Resources like YouTube are an excellent way to boost your knowledge. Subscribe to reputable channels so you know when they release new, fresh content. 


Tip: Join a career-related association- You can boost your professional development by joining groups or associations that focus on skills that further your career. Toastmasters, civic organizations, and industry-specific professional organizations can all enhance your skill sets.  


Tip: Find a mentor- Mentorships can be formal or informal and can make a big impact on your career. Every stage of your career benefits from mentorship. No matter where you are or trying to reach with your goals, a well-strategized mentorship can make all the difference.  


Tip: Do a Google search- You may think you know everything there is to know about your profession, but a simple Google search could prove otherwise. Using keywords, explore aspects of your career you may be missing and what skills are upcoming and most in demand. Set goals to hone and master those skills.   


Tip: Network on and off duty- It’s not always what you know as much as who you know. Finding ways to be social and network can help you boost your career and make certain you’re recognized in your industry. Being of service to others and part of the community helps boost your likeability and networking is a lot of fun.  


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