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Time Management Skills Every Small Business Owner Needs

Mar 25, 2024

 One common small business struggles is the ongoing need to reach new customers. While repeat business from a loyal customer base is essential, it’s equally important to have new customers coming into your pipeline as well.   Here are three strategies that help small businesses find new customers -   1.             Focus on a new strategy each quarter 2.             Collaborate with your businesses ‘cousins’ 3.             Become somewhat of a celebrity   Master a new strategy every quarter- Rather than throw a bunch of ideas at the wall, focus on one strategy at a time. Divide marketing strategies by the four quarters of the year. Focus on one strategy until you’ve mastered it. Then implement a new strategy in addition to the one you’ve mastered. At the end of the year, you’ll have four strategies up and running. You can always modify or discontinue one if it doesn’t prove to be effective over time.   Some strategies include -   

  • Starting a new social media campaign including ads or incentives for customers to follow your account 

  • Sponsorships within your community 

  • Releasing a new product into the marketplace 

    Discover audiences adjacent to your business- Your business is of value to a host of customers who don’t not know you exist. For example, a business that provides personal coaching has customers who could benefit from a virtual assistant. Or, a business that creates marketing material has customers who could benefit from a social media expert. These business relationships are cousins in that they offer services that are different, but support the same customer base.   Collaborating with other businesses who ultimately serve the same customer (but in different capacities) is a great way to get exposure to new customers. Plus, the endorsement from one another makes sales even easier. Find ways to connect, collaborate and partner with these business ‘cousins’, and their audiences, so you can share more about your business.   Some strategies include -   

  • Collaborating on a webinar, zoom, or training 

  • Creating a product to sell to both audiences 

  • Having a referral or affiliate program     

    Become a star and put yourself in the spotlight - Your business is more than what you do or sell. As a business owner, you have unique talents and abilities that expand your reach. As an ambassador for your business, you have the potential to reach whole new audiences, by showcasing yourself and, by default, your business.   Did you know podcasts are always looking for guests? Many podcasts showcase business owners for qualities other than their goods and services. Being a guest on a podcast can allow you to share your experiences on and off-duty. For example, being a guest on a health and wellness podcast to discuss vegetarianism would focus on lifestyle; however, there’s also the opportunity to share your business. A hobbyist podcast is a great way to share your enthusiasm for your off-duty hobby, while also sharing how your hobby ties in with your on-duty life. These opportunities can generate interest in your business in unexpected ways.   Some additional strategies include -   

  • Participating in civic groups 

  • Volunteering in the community 

  • Guest blogging, podcasting, or being featured in a magazine 

  Finding new customers is vital for your business growth and strength. Look for new ways to reach people both traditionally and in innovative ways.  


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