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Attracting the Right Talent

Mar 11, 2024


One of the benefits of owning a small business lies in the unique nuances that make your business original. Having a small business allows you to offer goods and services to whatever market you choose in whatever manner you prefer. If you want to sell ice cream to surfers from a floating dock, or open a doggie spa for pampered pooches, the sky’s the limit. 


Small businesses have a lot of competition, both on the large and small scale. That’s why it’s important to figure out how to stand out in the crowd and grab some attention. In a sea of sameness, showcasing something unique and different is the best way to build a brand and your reputation. 


Don’t Be Afraid of Who You Want to Be 


Sometimes it’s good to be weird, bold, quirky, funny, etc. You may feel inclined to keep things safe when creating a brand, but that could work against you. Toning things down too much can result in going unnoticed or appearing down right boring. Rather than play it safe, focus on what it is about your business that’s most in alignment with your goals and objectives, while also expressing something fun and unique to the marketplace. 


Don’t be afraid to infuse your personality into your business. Customers will be attracted to your unique brand of humor, sentiment, and vibes. Build your marketing strategy around something that sets you apart from others. This could be done in a myriad of ways including: 


               •              Creating a bold and unique logo 

               •              Having a funny motto or catch phrase 

               •              Using verbiage that’s edgy or unique to your voice 

               •              Wearing fun and identifying clothing 

               •              Creating a unique customer service experience 


Don’t Be Afraid to Shake Things Up 


It’s worth it to be bold and take some risks to get noticed, think of fun ways to represent your business that attracts your ideal customer. Just because you don’t see every business doing something, doesn’t mean your idea won’t be a winner. 


Begin Where Your Natural Talents Lie 


If you are unsure where to put your branding efforts, begin with your natural talents and inclinations. If you are a regular user or LinkedIn or Facebook, it makes sense to focus on building a brand on these platforms. If you are well known in your community, it makes sense to become a sponsor or supporter of local activities. From there, find fun and unique ways to engage that get you noticed. 


Don’t shy away from making sure your small business is a reflection of who you are and what you love. This makes it much easier to build a brand that gets you noticed. 

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