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Tips to Grow Your Business

Mar 18, 2024

Attracting and onboarding employees is a common small business struggle. Finding qualified staff, training them, and keeping them motivated and engaged requires time and money so it’s important to make the investment count. 


Many small businesses fall short of hiring the right people because they: 


               •              Lack human resource experience 

               •              Feel desperate to hire someone 

               •              Fail to ask the right questions 

               •              Aren’t paying enough attention 


You Aren’t an HR Expert - Most small business owners aren’t experienced with human resources. They are often unaware of what to look for in an employee or don’t know how to properly screen for the right skill sets, personality, and ethics needed for the workplace. 

Just because someone can do the job, doesn’t always mean they are the right fit for your job opening. 


Tip: If you are brand new to the hiring process, consider using a temp agency. Staffing agencies can screen potential employees ahead of time and often take on the administrative rolls on your behalf. Once you have more experience hiring and managing staff you can make the switch to in-house. 


You Need Someone NOW - Whether it’s due to a growth spurt, lack of qualified applicants, or trying to delegate responsibility to focus on the business, the urgency to hire someone can overpower the responsible choice to find the ideal candidate. Feeling desperate can lead to settling, or worse yet, choosing someone unfit for your business. This can directly affect the culture and customer experience of your business and could lead to costly consequences. 


Tip: Cultivate a pipeline of applicants for your business. Be on the lookout for ideal candidates before, during, and after your need for staff. Avoid waiting until you are strapped for staff to begin recruiting. Pay attention to your sphere of influence and be on the lookout for possible employees. Build relationships in your niche to network for staff should the need come up quickly. This can help you get direct referrals or recommendations for higher-quality applicants. 


You Aren’t Asking the Right Questions - If you aren’t familiar with hiring, you may be focused on the wrong thing. In most situations, the technical aspects of a position aren’t as important as who is doing the work. Meaning, people can be trained to do specific tasks, but elements such as personality, work ethic, and other subtle nuances may matter even more. 


Tip: Be sure to ask interview questions that identify the ethics, values, and personality of your applicants. Be clear about the culture and work environment you offer and look for a good fit. Looking for staff who match up with the technical as well as environmental aspects of your business will help attract and keep the best people for your business. 


Your Attention is on the Wrong Thing - Once you’ve taken the time and expense to hire staff, it’s important to pay close attention to the right things. Understanding what motivates your staff specifically is important. Some people need to be told they are doing an excellent job. Some desire public recognition, rewards, or bonuses. Knowing what unique things motivate your staff can help retain them and boost your business. 


Tip: Pay attention to your staff. Learn what motivates each of them specifically and implement ways to encourage and reward them. Recognize it’s your responsibility to lead and motivate. Be sure to educate yourself on leadership skills and team building. Don’t make assumptions about employee engagement and satisfaction. Be proactive about reviewing staff performance and understanding their perspectives. 


Finding and keeping good employees can be challenging, but it’s easier when you emphasize hiring the right people and maintaining their commitment to your small business.   


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