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Using Your Influence to Your Advantage…and to Benefit Others

Feb 19, 2024

No matter who you are, you have influence. Influence is the impact you have on others both intentionally and unintentionally. What you say, do, and express, influences others in negative or positive ways depending on how they resonate with you.   


If you are looking to make the best impression and influence others intentionally, mindfulness helps. Being aware of your presence, including what you say and how you say it, your lifestyle, and how you engage others can increase the impact you have.  


Influence and Manipulation are Not the Same Thing  


True influence inspires others to adopt a similar mindset without feeling pressured or manipulated. Essentially, influence is a muse that others use a springboard for their own personal choices. If your goal is to inspire, you are on the right track; however, if your goal is to control someone else’s choices, that’s manipulation.  


Your Attitude is Influential and Benefits Others 


Your demeanor and attitude are extremely influential. Having a good attitude, paying attention to others and maintaining a positive outlook helps you stand out in a crowd. Each time someone has a positive interaction with you they are impacted by the experience and are more likely to enjoy your company. As they say, it’s nice to be nice to the nice.  This can work to your advantage by increasing other people’s willingness to go the extra mile for you when you are perceived as gracious and kind or a team player.  


The benefits: Maintaining a positive attitude can brighten someone else’s day and can influence them to be kinder themselves. Plus, being recognized as kind, fair, or having a consistently positive attitude will boost your likeability.   


Your Purpose is Influential and Benefits Others 


Purpose-driven people tend to have more influence. Having something in your life that drives you is inspiring to others when they resonate with the concept. Becoming aware of your purpose and developing it with a service-based mindset is a direct benefit to others. Your enthusiasm, excellence, and energy will become contagious. 


The benefits: Having a purpose helps direct attention to things that matter most to you. Your influence can help raise awareness for causes, increase participation in events, or encourage financial or physical support for worthy causes.     


Your Opinions are Influential and Benefit Others  


Once you have the respect of others, your opinions carry a lot of weight. If you are known for being wise, conscientious, or have recognized expertise, your opinions become more influential. This means others may ask you for your thoughts or recommendations or defer to you when it comes to making specific choices. This can be an advantage when others see you as an authority on a subject.  


The benefits: Building respect and cultivating admiration help boost your social credit score. This can directly, and positively, affect the quality of relationships you have as well as the opportunities you receive. It also helps others who benefit from your expertise, mentorship, or goods and services you recommend.  


Your influence can have a positive impact on others all the while benefitting you directly, opening up doors, increasing cooperation, and elevating your personal status for a win/win. 

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