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Three Ways You are Already Impacting Your Sphere of Influence

Feb 12, 2024

Your sphere of influence includes the people you routinely engage. Depending on your career, your family structure, and your involvement in the community, you may be having a greater influence than you realize.   


Most people are influenced by people they know, like, trust, and admire. Others vibe off the positive energy, sense or mastery, or forms of expression you have. When they like what they see, they gravitate to it and often adopt similar thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  


You may not have set out to directly influence others, but you likely have been indirectly making an impact all along. Here are three ways you are already impacting your sphere of influence.  


What you say is making an impact: Your thoughts and beliefs are what make you uniquely you. How you came to the conclusions you have and how you convey and express them impacts others.  


Complaining vs complimenting- Your mindset about life, positive or negative, is expressed in what you say. If you tend to look on the bright side of things, your impact is likely positive. If you tend to be gloomy, your impact will be gloomy too.  


Positive influences include:  


  • Giving compliments 

  • Finding solutions 

  • Being uplifting 

  • Encouraging others  

  • Showing empathy 

  • Being open-minded 


Negative influences include:  


  • Complaining 

  • Criticizing others 

  • Gossiping 

  • Using sarcasm  

  • Casting blame  

  • Closed-mindedness  


Paying close attention to how you speak to others and how you narrate life can help you see the impact you are having on your sphere of influence.  



Your Behaviors Have an Impact 


Whether you know it or not, people are paying attention to what you do. If your actions are inspiring, others may be influenced to follow along. If they aren’t, you could also be influencing poor or negative behavior without being aware of it. 


A father noticed every time is son sat down, he let out an audible gasp. He wondered why his son, who had no known health issues, would groan when sitting down. Asking, the son pointed out that’s how the father sat down so he assumed it was the sound to make when taking a seat.  


In this example, the father had not realized the impact his behavior had on his son. It’s the same for each of us, we are often unaware of who is watching and what we are inspiring in their behavior. Be sure your actions have a positive impact on others.  


Your Self-Expression Has an Impact  


From how you dress to the hobbies you enjoy; your self-expression has an impact on your sphere of influence. People are often inspired by the talents you have and want to emulate them which has an inspiring effect.  


The more you embrace what you love, the more value your self-expression has on others. From empowering others to express themselves, to sharing expertise, your sphere of influence is often looking to you to help motivate and inspire them.  


What you say, what you do and how you express yourself creatively are already making their mark on your sphere of influence. Be aware of what messages you are putting out there and ensure they are a true representation of the amazing person you are.     

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