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Influencers Aren’t Just for Social Media

Feb 5, 2024

While the term influencer is synonymous with social media, you don’t need millions of people following your every move to be of influence. Everyone has an influence and impact on others, no matter how large or small their circle.  


What’s a Sphere of Influence Anyway?  


Your sphere of influence is comprised of the people you know, including- 


• Family 

• Colleagues 

• Community members 


Your sphere of influence is uniquely made up of the people you engage with most and    may also include people you don’t know if you are active on social media or a public figure.  


How Does the Sphere of Influence Work? 


Your influence can have a direct, or indirect, impact on how others think and feel. Essentially, what you say, how you behave, and how you express yourself communicate things about you which can have a powerful effect on others. 


If someone resonates with you, they may be influenced to adopt a similar thought process, behavior pattern, or form of expression. Generally, influence is based on trust and a sense of authority.  


Why is the Sphere of Influence Important? 


From parenting to business, your impact on your sphere of influence is part of your legacy. How you show up in the world can inspire others which can lead to- 


• Better relationships 

• More business  

• Healthier connections  


Your positive influence can help others live better lives and enjoy your company. When people in your sphere of influence know, like, and trust you they are more likely to respect your time and energy.  


Influence isn’t Just Material  


If you’ve seen a social media influencer promote their favorite products, you know the impact they have on sales. If you’ve followed a social media account long enough and come to enjoy the content, that endorsement is sometimes all you need to make a confident buying decision. While it’s great to be assured about product referrals, there’s more to influence than being a brand ambassador.  


Your influence isn’t just material. Your influence also includes character traits, morals, and values and expertise. Done well, your influence can help shape how others view and engage in the world.  


Be Aware of Your Influence on Others 


If you’ve never considered yourself an authority or influential, it could be shocking to know you are making an impact. Whether you are aware or not, you are influencing those in your circle so it’s wise to be sure your influence is positive. Being more aware of who’s watching and what their take aways may be can help you set the best possible example and have the most positive influence. 

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